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Dr. Holger Kühlwein
Dr. Pradeep P. Jayaprasad

Leiber brewers’ yeast products – natural power for reliable aquaculture performance

Alongside the generally known effects of brewers’ yeast, such as

•         Stabilisation of the gastrointestinal tract

•         Dietetic and prebiotic active mechanisms

•         Adsorption and deactivation of harmful bacterial and mycotoxins.

there are many application areas in the field of aquaculture where Leiber brewers’ yeast products bring further benefits - particularly for feeding high performance, brood stock and young animals - for example:

•         Promote new cell formation through the continuous supply of nucleotides

•         Form an additional protective film (biofilm) on the intestinal mucosa

•         Increase unspecific cellular and humoral defence mechanisms

•         Increase survival rates in bacterial and viral infections

•         Marked, adjuvant effect in the case of vaccinations

•         Higher stress tolerance

•         Improved feed conversion

Leiber has been one of the leading manufacturers of yeast special products “Made in Germany” in Bramsche for more than 65 years. The natural raw material brewers’ yeast is processed to form high quality products that are used in the areas of animal nutrition, food, food supplements and biotechnology. With two sites in Germany and further production plants in Poland and Russia, Leiber manufactures brewers’ yeast products and yeast extracts of the highest quality with over 250 committed staff.