Aquaculture Europe 2022

September 27 - 30, 2022

Rimini, Italy

Meeting Speaker

Chiara Petrioli

Chiara Petrioli

Full professor at Univeristy of Rome and founder of WSENSE

Chiara Petrioli holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza where she is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and directs two labs. She is a pioneer of the. Internet of Underwater Things.

Chiara is among the most cited international researchers in the field of computer science and engineering and has received several innovation awards -NT100 top social global techs changing our lives 2016; 100 women against the stereotype in STEM 2016; Inspiring Fifty Italy 2018; N2Women 2019 Stars in Computer Communications and Networking; Wired Italy fifty women who have made and are making the history of Computer Science; #EUWomen4Future, 100 women who are changing the world, Repubblica D 2021, Finalist Gamma Donna Award 2022.

“As a kid I was always fascinated by the abysses described by Jules Verne. Today I am exploring them with the technology I invented. Hold on to your dreams!”